Unpacking your framed art

Unwrap Slowly

We know you’re excited, but it’s important to be careful when unpacking your frames. Some frames contain glass, which is fragile and dangerous if broken. Support them properly when lifting and hold them firmly by the frame when moving them.

Unwrap on a soft surface

To avoid chipping or scratching the frame, only unpack your art on carpet or on a blanket.

Gently Remove Art from the Box

When removing the frame from the box, do not pull the art from the middle of the frame. Otherwise this may cause the frame to wrap. Lift your art from the box, carefully by at least two corners of the frame.

Two People Are Better Than One

If your artwork is large, it is best to have two people to unpack your art. Please do not use force.

Frame Corners Are Fragile

Do not pivot a framed artwork on its corner when removing the protective corner.

Celebrate Imperfections

Every artwork is proudly framed using quality materials and products. Timber frames are a natural product, and slight variance can occur – they are not considered flaws.

Hanging Your Art

Please consider using professional hanging hooks or even a professional art installer. Do not use sticky Velcro picture hooks or 3M Command Strips – as they will not be strong enough to support heavy frames.

Protecting Your Art

Art needs a stable, indoor environment. Avoid hanging artwork in places which are exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture, as this can damage your art and frame over time. Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight or places where there can be frequent and dramatic changes in temperature, as this can also create issues for your art and frame.

Cleaning Your Framed Art

Microfibre cloths are ideal because they don’t scratch fragile surfaces. Liquid glass cleaner is ok for cleaning glass, but don’t spray this onto the frame itself. Spray the glass cleaner onto your cloth first, and then clean the glass.