About Us

About Pemberley Pets

We are a Melbourne based brand that understands the need to show off the love for your pets without sacrificing quality, class and personal style.
Find beautifully designed and curated pieces that will complement your modern pet-friendly home.

About Xandra

My name is Xandra.  And I am designer/illustrator who couldn’t stop thinking about cute dogs.
At the end of 2019, I became a dog mum to my handsome little sausage, Darcy. As you may have guessed it, I became head over heels in love with his fluffy little butt. I desperately wanted to show that off to the world. And so I started purchasing various cute accesories to match his personality and my own personal style.
Coincidentally, not long after Mr. Darcy started living in our home, the infamous Melbourne 2020 lockdowns happened.  
I am sure this didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but being stuck at home 24/7, gave me a strong urge to redecorate my living space...
...and being a smitten dog mum, I wanted something to reflect that in my home. 
And so off I went to look for an art piece that represent my love for Darcy.
Curiously enough, I couldn’t find anyting out there that really suit my home aesthetic - simple but with enough detail so it’s not too abstract, classic but modern - AND as I was a renter, I needed something that could match virtually any type of interior so that I may continue to display the piece wherever I end up living.
Being a designer myself, I sought out to create my own range of artworks to reflect this need.
And thus, Pemberley Pets was born!
It has truly been a joy and privilege to meet like-minded people as our customers and we strive to be the ultimate destination for a curated collection of beautiful pieces for the modern pet-friendly home. 
Thank you for letting me live my dream.

About Darcy

Darcy is mini long-haired dachshund with a fluffy butt and little legs. He loves chewing on everything and barking at everyone. He is the inspiration and muse behind Pemberley Pets.
You can follow his adventure on instagram @misterlittlelegs