Black Cat - Polepole Animal

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Black Cat - Polepole Animal

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A simple black cat as a cute little addition to your coffee table or as a little plaything for your youngins.

The name PolePole (pronounced "poh-leh poh-leh") meaning "slowly, slowly" in Swahili, is a direct reference to the carefully and slowly hand carved nature of each animal.

Due to their lovingly handmade nature, each PolePole animal is slightly different - Each unique expression thoughtfully hand finished and painted by a skilled craftsman. No two piece are exactly the same, making every Polepole animal a special little treasure to keep for years to come.

Every Polepole piece was hand crafted from soft white Albizia wood, one of thefastest growing tropical tree in the world to ensure eco-sustainability.

Each Polepole animal varies in size but is roughly 7-10cm in height